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Plate straightening press

Prensa hidráulica endireitadora de chapas.

Fully automatic ferrous scrap baler, production of 600x600mm steel bales, weighing 600 to 700 kg each.

Cycle of only 90 seconds, after loaded.

Automatic hydraulic shear for cutting heavy ferrous and non-ferrous scrap such as sheet metal flaps A 36, SAE 1020, SAE 1045.

Up to 3 "(76mm) x 76mm, or 1.1 / 4" (31,75mm) x 200mm thick, in SAE 1020 (flaps).

Hydraulic shear model CTS 600 AF, for cutting heavy ferrous and non-ferrous scrap such as: sheet metal flaps A 36, SAE 1020, SAE 1045, SAE 1070, up to 1 ¼ "(32 mm) x 100 mm , or 1 "(25.4mm) x 200mm.

In non-ferrous metals such as copper, bronze, aluminum, the cutting capacity increases proportionally to the lower strength of the materials.

Portable hydraulic shear with hand-operated rotary handle.

Installed power of 3 CV, 220 V.

Maximum opening of the cutting jaw: 150 mm.

Max. Capacity direct from the cil. hydraulic: 7 t. force.

Cycle time: (opening and closing of the jaw): 5s.

Aimed at the pre-grinding of non-ferrous metals, such as copper cables and aluminum profiles, as well as light scrap iron w / thickness up to 3.5 mm.

Estimated production for copper cables: 2 to 2.5 ton / hour.

Mill for copper (pre-shredded).

It is intended for grinding copper in general, since it is already fragmented.

Estimated production for copper cables: 900 to 2700 kg / hour (depending on the screen used).

Width of the entrance mouth: 800 mm.

Copper Briquetting Machine

Hydraulic copper briquetting machine with capacity of 200 tons-force.

Upon receiving the raw material through a silo over the vertical cavity, it compresses the material (copper ground from different sources), transforming it into a dense briquette of 2 to 3 kg.

Estimated production cycle: 15 seconds, or 4 briquettes per minute, totaling 12 kg.

Rotary oven

Can Mill

Automatic baler for non-ferrous scrap

Baler for inox scrap

Conveyor belts

Cardboard baler

Hydraulic guillotine for non-ferrous scrap

Hydraulic guillotine for cutting of dampers/buffers

Hydraulic semi-automatic guillotine for cutting automotive dampers.

Installed power: 7.5 CV, 220 VAC.

Maximum opening of the cutting jaw: 180 mm.

Max. Capacity of cil. hydr. cutting capacity: 21.5 t. force.

Cycle time: (feed, cut and dispose of the product): Approx. 40s.

Cylinder-turning machine

Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

Hydraulic bending machine and pipe forming machine with bending capacity up to 3 inch diameter.

Automatic light oil-hydraulic shear, for cutting and cleaning non-ferrous scrap, such as aluminum sheets, rims, profiles, pipes, copper cables, etc.

Hydraulic claw for JCB

Spear Extenders

Máquina desencapadora de cabos, modelo CDC-1000, com potência instalada de 2,5 e 4,0 CV.
Duas velocidades de corte, dois sentidos de rotação.

Destina-se a corte de cabos de bitolas variadas até o diâmetro de 100 m/m.

Máquina desencapadora de cabos, modelo CDC-1,  com 2 diferentes entradas: por cima da mesa, para cabos grossos;​​ e pelo furo central da mesa, para cabos finos.

​Máquina desencapadora de cabos, modelo CDC-10, com 10 diferentes entradas (pórticos) para variadas medidas.

​Máquina desencapadora de cabos, modelo CDC-21, com 21 diferentes entradas (pórticos) para variadas medidas.

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